Date:Thursday 22nd October
11.00h (CEST)

This is an hour long session.
It is the first get-together of the Pan indigenous WOMEX community post COVID. With an announcement of the pre-recorded indigenous conversations coming up the next day. 

This will be an online session delivered by Digital WOMEX20.
Co-ordinated by Aotearoa, NZ

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Trail blazing the new Dawn

This is a Special Edition session hosted by cultural organisations of Aotearoa, NZ with the support of Digital WOMEX (Piranha Arts). This is an open session available to all peoples of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage to join the conversations this includes all WOMEX delegates.  
It is a free event please register to


Date: Friday 23rd October
Time: 11.00-14.00h (CEST)
Duration: 240m approximately
Digital Platform: YouTube; pre-recorded, Zoom; Livestreaming

Indigenous aspirations go on the table
* Negotiating indigeneity - culture, identity and politics
* Empowering innovation for Indigenous people 
* Maintaining the song tradition - can we keep it going?

Introducing a series of pre-recorded indigenous conversations along with live streamed conversations show casing cultural expression, cultural narrative and building cross cultural collaborations.

WOMEX Global Indigenous Conversation

Presented by: Horizons Cymru Wales
at Digital WOMEX 2020 programme

Wales / Scotland / Canada
Music, indigenous languages, global emergencies and me

In a discussion chaired Songlines editor Jo Frost, Lisa Jên of 9Bach (Wales), ShoShona Kish (Canada), Gareth Bonello The Gentle Good (Wales)and Brìghde Chaimbeul (Scotland) talk about colonisation, climate change, music and indigenous languages in the context of Covid-19, and look ahead to UNESCO International Decade of Indigenous Languages.

Produced by Neuadd Ogwen as part of Horizons at WOMEX and in association with Neuadd Ogwen’s new festival of indigenous languages, Gŵyl Mawr y Rhai Bychain, and the World Music Pan-Indigenous Network.

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Brought to you by Wales Art International: Eluned Haf


Conversations you can listen to in your own time

Aotearoa, New Zealand
Urbanism and Activism in Contemporary Indigenous Music-Making
Speaker: Horomona Horo - Maori Musician, Composer, performer Taonga Puoro. Interviewed by: Emere Wano - Festival Director WOMAD NZ

Maintaining cultural practice in contemporary music
Speakers: Zessie Llloyd, Shellie Morris - Singer, Songwriters, cultural practitioners of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music

West Papuan
Music of Activism
Speaker: Ronny Ato Bual Kareni - Activist, Rize of the Morning Star, writer

Developing new ways recognising valuing traditions for rising generations Speakers: Danny Kilbride - Musician, CEO TRAC Wales a Welsh folk development organisation Cross cultural conversations with our celtic, Maori and first nations movers and shakers

Aotearoa, NZ / Canada
Indigenous Women Influencing the Industry
Speakers: Mihirangi Mai - Maori performer, composer with ShoShona Raven of Digging Roots, a Activist, an WOMEX 18 award winner

Wales / Scotland
A Conversation about Culture, Celts & Celebration
A perspective from first-ish peoples
Speakers: Katch Holmes organiser of the Knockengorroch Festival a 2018 WOMEX Jury Samurai with Danny KilBride a musician, performer and CEO TRAC Wales a Welsh folk music organisation

World Music Indigenous Conversations - WOMEX 20

Indigenous music practitioners share knowledge about song traditions, identity, breaking down barriers, decolonising and debunking colonial perspectives.

Three Indigenous conversations


Conversation 1:

Maes B is seen by the Welsh Government as an event to persuade young people to use or learn the language. Aotearoa, NZ and Scotland will join Moses as she shares what the Eisteddfod are doing to rejuvenate language for future generations.

* TRAC Wales is responsible for Folk Development for Wales - supports folk music & dance in Wales, and promotes Welsh traditional performing arts at home and internationally.
* Rob Thorne showcased at WOMEX in 2018, he is a writer, composer of taonga puoro and anthropologist

Conversation 2 

* Posenai Mavega is NZ born Samoan and founder of Pacific Underground (c1993) producing contemporary performing art that reflects the group's Pacific Island heritage.
* Peta Si'ulepa is also NZ born Samoan residing in Samoa and founder of the Samoan Jazz and Arts Festival combining 2 countries, one culture, one people, one language.
* Kelly Kahukiwa is a traditional Maori speaker, composer, teacher, performer and saxophone player.

Conversation 3


Friday 23rd October 2020

Conversation 1
11.00-11.15am (NZDT)

11.16-11.26am (Q&A) 
Topic: How Popular culture creates relevance for indigenous languages 
Speaker: Betsan Moses (Wales) CEO of Eisteddfod Genedlaethol - joining her Emere Wano (Aotearoa, NZ) Festival Director for WOMAD NZ, Katch Holmes (Scotland) organiser of the Knockengorroch Festival.

Conversation 2
11.30-11.45am (NZDT)
11.46-11.56am (Q&A)
Topic: How do you put traditional music into a western context
Speakers: Danny Kilbride (Wales) CEO of TRAC Wales and Rob Thorne (Aotearoa, NZ) composer and performer of taonga puoro.

Conversation 3
12.00pm-12.15am (NZDT)
12.16pm-12.26pm (Q&A)
Topic: How can we colab, perform live and connect?

Speakers: Posenai Mavaega, Kelly Kahukiwa (Aotearoa, NZ) and Peta Si'ulepa (Samoa). 

Note: NZDT - The times are New Zealand Date Time
Use this link to check your time zone

Kelly Kahukiwa
Kelly Kahukiwa
Rob Thorne
Rob Thorne
Danny Kilbride
Danny Kilbride
Pos Mavega
Pos Mavega
Emere Wano
Emere Wano