The WOMEX journey

The Matariki Cultural Foundation and its subsidary
Taamaki Records Ltd have attended and particpated in the following World Music Expos:

WOMEX 23, 25-30th Oct,  A Coruna, Galicia

WOMEX 22. 23-27th Oct, Lisboa, Portugal

WOMEX 21, 11-12th Oct, Digital Programme, Portugal
WOMEX 20, 21-25th Oct, Digital Edition, Budapest
WOMEX 19, 23-27th Oct, Finland, Tampere
WOMEX 18, 24 - 28 Oct, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain
WOMEX 17, 25 - 29 Oct, Katowice, Poland
WOMEX 16, 19 - 23 Oct, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

WOMEX Conference

WOMEX Conference tackles the latest music industry trends and innovations. Experienced peers and special guests offer delegates their expertise in over 20 conference sessions and numerous networking meetings, presentations and a mentoring programme every year. WOMEX seeks proposals from representatives from every branch of the musical tree who wish to present their vision, map out an idea or lay the foundation for moving the industry forward.

Tampere-Talo Concert and Conference Centre

Tampere-Talo Concert and Conference Centre

WOMEX19 AOTEAROA, NZ selected as a Jury Member

Every year WOMEX selects 7 Jury members from the around the world. Five Jury members focus on selecting the Showcase artists (Showcase Samurai), while the other two members collaborate on the Conference Sessions (Conference Samurai).

* 67 conference proposals to fill 20 conference sessions
* 20 network meetings and 5 training sessions
* To fit into a 4 day conf
erence programme

Te Hau said ' it was tough consolidating 67 conversations into 20 session'. Along with her colleague Virgo Sillamaa from Estonia Music they worked with Piranha Arts team to bring collaboration to conversations and give voice to topics of impact on musicians today'.

As it was UNESCOs Year of Indigenous Languages, this topic informed the Indigenous conversations within the conference schedule resulting in the first indigenous programme for WOMEX - 

* 4 indigenous conference conversations
* 16 indigenous speakers across 4 panels; Sammi, First Nations, Maori,  South American, Aboriginal and Melanesia
* 1 Indigenous Network Meeting and
* The first Pacific conversation with West Papua, Papa New Guinea and Aotearoa

In 2019 our very own Hinurewa te Hau (Founder) was selected as a 2019 WOMEX jury member. She is the first New Zealand Maori to be appointed to this annual position. She becomes part of a small group of esteemed members of the global music community, who come together to create a WOMEX programme in the year they are appointed.  

Supporting NZ Talent

The Foundation supported two Maori performers to WOMEX19 who were applying to Outward Sounds for a 50% market development grant for international flights and expenses. The foundation contributed between 30-50% towards each performers expenses. We also guided them towards the conference to submit proposals as a way of entry to meet other indigenous and non indigenous agents, mangers, brokers, musicians, festival directors and more.

This year's recipients were - 
* Kelly Kahukiwa Taonga Puoro, Percussionist and Saxphonist. He was a panel speaker with Airileke Ingram and Ronny Kareni Rize of the Morning Star (Australia/West Papua)
* Mihirangi Mai, world roots, looper, vocals, songwriter. She was a panel speaker with ShoShona Raven from Digging Roots (Canada) and Sara Ajnnak (Sweden)

Kelly Kahukiwa - the foundations 2019 WOMEX recipient

Kelly Kahukiwa - the foundations 2019 WOMEX recipient


The Foundation would like to thank Alan Holt, Outward Sounds International Manager who has provided the assistance for market development. We are grateful to OS who  have hosted us on the Aotearoa, NZ stand in each country we have participated. He has connected us to people to create the pathways to encourage the entry of Maori and Pacific music and musicians into the World Music Scene. Nga mihi Alan

For more information about Outward Sounds check out there website - .