THE INDIGNEOUS NETWORK has become a global gathering of our indigenous communities across the world –  born out of the simple idea: to bring together Indigenous cultures - music and song which is central to identity, place and belonging, and are an expression of a unique and continuing tradition. Indigenous music has an important place in the transmission and survival of Indigenous cultures.

The 2020 network meeting will be the 3rd expression of indigeneity, where participants will come together to share tradition, language, culture, and activism.



PHOTO CREDIT: Eric Nieuwland. From Left: Hinurewa te Hau (Chair of PIN), Kelly Kahukiwa (NZ), Airileke Ingram (Australia), Ronny Kareni (West Papua), Rob Thorne (NZ), Danny Kilbride (Wales)

(Left) Dr Mariateka Morales (Bogota) with First Nations delegate. Photo Credit: Eric Nieuwland


The network meeting is scheduled in the WOMEX conference programme Thursday 22nd October at 11am (CEST) as a one (1) hour meeting.

If you are participating in Digital WOMEX 20 - this meeting session will be a online meet and greet to reconnect with each other, introducing a 'Special' Indigi digital edition that will occur the next day.

To attend the one hour Pan Indigenous Network Meeting on the Thursday you will need to be a registered WOMEX delegate to join - go to

For more information about this session go to:

From Left: Mihirangi Mai, Sara Andersson Ajnnak, Shoshona Raven. Photo Credit: Eric Nieuwland